New to Coupons? Start Here.

It can seem overwhelming at first. People are sharing their trips to the grocery store where they’ve spend hardly any money at all and have a grocery cart heaping with stuff. Rest assured that no one starts off saving money by the cart full, it takes time and skill, but it’s definitely possible and this site can show you how.

First Things First: Get Organized!

  • Get a place to find and keep your coupons. For the Newbie I suggest picking up an accordion style coupon organizer from the Dollar Tree. It’s small and more importantly, manageable!
  • Use the tabs provided in the accordion file to write categories. For the Newbie I suggest using broad categories to make it easier, things like: Beverages, Boxed Items, Canned, Frozen, Body items, etc.
  • Buy the Sunday paper (trust me, you’ll get your money back in savings!)
  • Write the date on the outside of coupon inserts, this makes it much easier to go back to them later on when you find a really good deal and want to cut out the coupon

Second Thing: Cut & File!

  • Go through the inserts and cut out coupons for products that you use (OR that you think you would use if you got a really good deal, think “If I got this for free would I use it (or “Could I donate this if I got it for free?”)
  • Keep all your inserts, even if you think you’ve cut out everything that you think you are going to use. When there’s a good sale in the next few weeks you’ll be able to go back and cut out the coupon

    All the inserts are filed here with the date written on the front cover, with the newest insert closest to the front.

Final Thing:

  • Don’t try to get every deal that you see, you’ll go totally bonkers. Start small and pick a few things that you use and start to slowly stock-up on those things.
  • As get into the coupon groove you’ll be able to add more ‘layers’ of savings by using things like Checkout 51, Ibotta, rebates, and combining store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons.