What to know about shopping at Walgreens


Here’s what to know to make the most of shopping at Walgreens:

  • To get the sale price or to earn or redeem Balance Rewards you’ll need a Balance Rewards card (sign-up for one at the cash register
  • Some items will earn you Points (to be redeemed at a later time) or a Register Reward (which is a coupon for $$$ of a future purchase that you redeem just like cash, sometimes this is also known as a Catalina)
  • You can use a store-issued coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon-this is called “stacking”
    • When stacking, I suggest handing over the manufacturer coupon first to the cashier and then the store coupon. This leads to less beeping.

Walgreens has store coupons on their website that you can download to your Balance Rewards card (their shopping loyalty program where you earn points that you can use like cash on future purchases), in their weekly ads and in their in-store monthly savings booklet.  Ads & sales run Sunday through Saturday. The full text of the Walgreen’s coupon policy is here. I always suggest printing (or downloading to your phone) an up-to-date copy of the store’s latest coupon policy and keeping it with your coupons. Sometimes it helps to lightly point it out to cashier’s who may be unclear as to the store’s own policy. Although usually by the time it comes to me needing to show a cashier the coupon policy for their own store I’m usually also asking for a manager.