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A Brand New Blog about saving money! (and time, and sometimes the Earth)


Hello. Let’s save money and not be crazy. I don’t have 12 children. Jesus didn’t tell me to start this blog. And no, I repeat,  do not have 70 bottles of mustard in my basement.  I have a job. But, why should I spend money when I don’t have to? This blog is for folks who understand the time value of money.

I like to save money, but I don’t want to spend all of my time saving money. Sometimes I geek out a little and spend quite a bit of time couponing and scouring stores for deals but other times regular life takes over and it’s all I can do to wash face and make it to work on-time. This blog is for those kind of people. You can make this as ‘extreme’ as you want to, but I prefer to be reasonable about most things in life, couponing included.