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You can freeze eggs (not just your own!)

Bah! Ha!

Ok, now that I have that ridiculous joke out of the way…..

Save yourself a trip to the store and some money by stocking-up on eggs when you find a good deal like ALDI has this week (only .69 per dozen).

  • Grab an ice cube tray
  • Crack an egg into each compartment
  • Put a tiny pinch of salt in
  • Then just poke the yoke and freeze

This is a great way to prepare for the holiday baking season. You aren’t going to want to thaw one of these out for a sandwich, but they are perfect for baking. Use just as you would a fresh egg, just take out from the freezer and let thaw before use (these are best thawed in the fridge).

Look what I got for free last week!

Here’s how you can grow your stockpile. Everything in this photo was FREE! Here’s the breakdown

  • Ice Mountain Water on sale .50 each, bought (4), used a $1.00/4 coupon and then I got a $1.00 Catalina coupon, so like free after coupons!
  • Lloyd’s BBQ cups on sale for $1.00, used $1.00/1 coupons
  • Gillette Shaving Gel on sale for $1.97 at Target, used $2.00/1 coupon (this is the regular price at Target. Use the $2.00/1 coupon from this month’s P&G coupon insert in the newspaper to get these for FREE!)
  • Purina One Cat food and coupon-mail freebie
  • Wildflower Seeds-mail freebie
  • Colgate Optic- on sale 2/$6.00 at Walgreens, used 2 $3.00 Register Rewards from the week before and then got a $4.00 Register Reward. So FREE + I made $4.00
  • Speedstick on clearance for $2.00, used a $2.00 coupon
  • Denstastix-Dollar Tree has these for just $1, used $1.00 coupons

Here’s what I’m donating:

  • Shaving Cream
  • Cat Food
  • Toothpaste

The wildflower seeds I’m going to toss in a patch of dirt in our alley so they can grow there. Bees love them and I’d rather look at wildflowers in the alley than weeds!


Substitution Saturdays-Ran out of shaving cream?


In this weekly post I highlight ways to ‘make do’ with things that you have already at your house when you run out of something which saves you a trip to the store and saves time and money!

I stopped buying shaving creams and gels years ago, hair conditioner is tons cheaper and I think it does a better job. It’s especially moisturizing, goes on smooth, rinses off easily and you gets lots of mileage out of just one bottle of conditioner. Now I’m not talking about using your favorite Pureology conditioner at $29.99/bottle, I’m talking about the .50/bottle of VO5 Conditioner that you got with a $1.00/2 coupon when it was on sale for $1.00 weeks ago. You can’t beat a .50 bottle that’s going to last you at least 3 months. Plus, this is an easy item to add to your stockpile of items you can get for free or nearly free when there’s a good sale and you’ve got coupons.

If you just want to shave and not shower at the same time try using lotion it works wonders!


How I Really Grocery Shop


You know how it goes…you just got home from work, it’s raining, and your commute was long. Luckily, you knew you were going to be home late but you have a menu plan and so you knew tonight was Taco Night. Unfortunately, you’ve got everything except the taco seasoning. This is the part where the blog turns into a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book from the early 90’s. You can either go back out in the traffic, in the rain, and file into the store with the other shoppers who need to make dinner OR you can walk over to your beautiful stockpile of groceries and grab a packet. Excuse the language here, but ‘hell no!’ I’m choosing walking over to my stockpile. No way am I going back out again to fight the evening rush. I hate driving in traffic. I’m either making my own OR I’ll march to the Stockpile where I have 15 packages of taco seasoning (pick a brand, any brand) that I got for a song and then walk back upstairs not make dinner. Not a hiccup in site.

All that being said it’s a long way to explain how I shop. See I was able to get those taco seasoning packets for .15/each, so I bought 10 of them. Even if you aren’t using coupons the point of how I shop is to stock-up when the price is right. That way if you run out of something you aren’t stuck paying for full-price because you’ve got a back-up item in your stockpile. If you’ve got a coupon for it that’s even better.

Because I’ve been doing this for such a long time I have a collection of items in my stockpile so now when I go to the drugstore or grocery store I can only buy what’s super cheap. If you’re a milk drinking family you’ll still have to pay full-price for your milk but at the very least you can be using your trip for milk to stock-up on the super sale items. I hate making trips to the store for just one thing! Needless to say sometimes my cart looks a little weird but since I paid next to nothing for it, I don’t mind.

Like in this photo, I paid $0 out-of-pocket (that’s OOP in coupon-speak, don’t worry, you’ll learn). By combining store coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, and store promotions I didn’t pay a single penny for all of this stuff.

$0 out of pocket
                       This was all free!