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Easy Garden Hack-How to make Tomato Plant Fertilizer

 I know that nearly all of my food is grown with chemicals but I just can’t justify spraying them in my own backyard. Every year as my tomatoes get bigger I start saving 2 things from my kitchen 1)coffee grounds and 2) egg shells. I have a Folgers coffee canister that I toss everything into and keep it in the back of the fridge. When it’s full I dump the contents in my Ninja blender and make a disgusting slurry of  brown grounds and eggs. Next, I dump that pile of mess into a 5 gallon bucket, fill with water, stir real good and DONE! Tomato fertilizer that won’t kill you or give you cancer.

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Cleaning with vinegar on Substitute Saturdays!

This is my go-to for cleaning just about everything-kitchen sink, toilet, litter box, wood floors, bathroom floors. I’ve long ago stopped caring that it might smell like vinegar for a while after I’m done cleaning. I’d rather smell like a Salt & Vinegar potato chip than breathe chemicals that can burn your eyes! Plus, if you’ve got kids or pets they will ingest whatever you clean the floor with either by crawling on it or licking their paws. This is a really easy substitution, and next week I’ll talk about how to make scented vinegar if you really can’t stand them smell of the regular ol’ white distilled stuff.

What you’ll need:

Spray bottle (since you’re putting vinegar in here make sure that you don’t reuse a bottle that had noxious chemicals in it. Head on down to the Dollar Tree and buy a new one for $1.00-I’ve had mine for 7 years. it was worth the investment)

½ white distilled vinegar

2 cups water

And you’re done.


Since vinegar is 3% acidity it works to kill and disinfect all over the house. I spray it on, wait a few minutes, and then just wipe it off. Done and done. And it’s crazy cheap.

Substitution Saturday (well actually Sunday) -Plastic Shopping Bag Caddy

Plastic shopping bags are everywhere around my house, even if I bring my reusable bags, I still seem to end up with more bags than even I know what to do with. I needed something quick, easy and cheap to bring some order to my ‘under the kitchen sink black hole’ where plastic bags and other random items without a home seem to end up.

Enter the versatile baby wipes box.

No glue, scissors, or tape needed for this project.

Just open the box, stuff in the bags, and voila! Easily organized and easily accessible.

Substitution Saturdays-Ran out of shaving cream?


In this weekly post I highlight ways to ‘make do’ with things that you have already at your house when you run out of something which saves you a trip to the store and saves time and money!

I stopped buying shaving creams and gels years ago, hair conditioner is tons cheaper and I think it does a better job. It’s especially moisturizing, goes on smooth, rinses off easily and you gets lots of mileage out of just one bottle of conditioner. Now I’m not talking about using your favorite Pureology conditioner at $29.99/bottle, I’m talking about the .50/bottle of VO5 Conditioner that you got with a $1.00/2 coupon when it was on sale for $1.00 weeks ago. You can’t beat a .50 bottle that’s going to last you at least 3 months. Plus, this is an easy item to add to your stockpile of items you can get for free or nearly free when there’s a good sale and you’ve got coupons.

If you just want to shave and not shower at the same time try using lotion it works wonders!